Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bugaboo Bee 3

Bugaboo Bee 3
The new Bugaboo Bee 3 will be available from September!

Designed specifically for parents who live life on the fly, the Bugaboo Bee3 for newborn to toddler features an easy-to-carry, lightweight bassinet for exploring the city without disturbing your sleeping child - and an extendable sun canopy offering them even more protection. Brand new fabrics and colors offer creative style combinations and refresh options, while a large underseat basket means more room for all of your essentials.
Extra light, compact and quick, it keeps you both on the move - on all forms of transport. What’s more, its unique seat grows with your child - extending, reversing and reclining in just a few clicks. While its one-piece fold with seat makes it easy to collapse, carry and store in the tightest of spaces.
That’s precisely why the Bugaboo Bee3 is so extraordinary and the perfect partner for urban adventures

More details to follow in September!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Banana Collection

The iconic Andy Warhol Banana print created in 1966 and chosen as the first album cover for The Velvet Underground and Nico comes to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3! The vibrant yellow hood is a must for summer providing a stylish and stand out buggy.

Available from 1st May 2014.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW for THE ENTERTAINER: Mega Blocks First Builders (PINK), Susie School Bus and Lil' Princess

Mega Blocks First Builders, Susie School Bus & Lil' Princess

A product review for The Entertainer

As soon as the box was opened, my little girl shouted "mermaid!". There was no mermaid in the box but there was a Lil' Princess and a Unicorn with sparkly blocks. She loved these, although separating the Princess from the Unicorn (after pushing her on) was a tad difficult for a 3 year old. Even I struggled, but after a few wiggles they came apart!

These products are big and sturdy and kept my little girl occupied for a good 30 minutes non-stop (and that is amazing considering she usually has the attention span of a flea!).

We loved the carry case for the blocks, it has a nice solid handle and is light enough for your toddler to happily carry around with no problems. The case offered some building ideas which is always welcome if you're struggling to know what to build.

Our little girl's favourite colour bricks were the dark pink ones (pink is her favourite colour anyway), she wasn't so keen on the light purple ones, but I love that colour and thought they complimented the pinks very well.

Some of the blocks didn't fit snugly on others causing them to be too loose (bit of an opposite problem to the princess sparkly bricks), but maybe that's not such a bad thing when children are trying to separate them?

The school bus looks more like a tractor, if it was slightly more elongated such as having three windows and the same size wheels front and back, it would maybe look more like the description. It didn't get played with at all, our little girl didn't even notice it, she was too busy building a house for her Unicorn!

Overall, these products were very good quality and enable children to use their imagination. Always good when developing your youngsters to think for themselves.